Enel - Formula E: Starace at the GP in Rome

Published on Monday, 16 April 2018

“We have an infrastructure plan that is currently being implemented: it will result in the installation of a public network of charging columns throughout Italy”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The Enel-Formula E partnership was established three years ago, at a time when there was far less talk of sustainable mobility, and it was consolidated today with the Group confirming its pledge to promote the development of e-mobility internationally. Enel, which has supplied certified electricity generated entirely from renewable sources for the race in Rome, is currently looking into increasingly cutting-edge solutions. This is evident in the fact that for the 2018/2019 season the company will develop super-charging technology which will ensure that the cars are able to complete the race without needing to stop to change the vehicle (as is currently the case).

Enel is looking ahead, as stated by its CEO Starace during the event: “We have a public infrastructure plan that is currently being implemented.” This is the national plan for the installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles which was presented in November last year. It envisages the installation of about 7,000 columns by 2020, and this figure will increase to 14,000 in 2022. For Starace, the evolution of the sustainable mobility system constitutes a huge opportunity for the Group to create value with “significant benefits for the environment, the economy, businesses and people: the energy sector is undergoing a radical process of change in every respect.” The development of new technology, stressed Starace, is more essential than ever in areas such as e-mobility, “which changes people’s habits, improving their daily life both within and outside urban areas.

Enel editorial staff