Francesco Starace at IRENA Assembly

Published on Monday, 14 January 2019

“As of Today, thanks largely to the efforts of IRENA in what has been a decade of change, people are aware of the connection between innovation and sustainability in the future of the energy industry”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The growing role of renewable energies is proving to be an important trend in this evolution, together with the digitalisation of the distribution networks,” he stressed, explaining how the acceleration in the advance of new technology is a “driving force” in the transformation that is currently under way. But it is not the only factor. “Companies that want to rise to the challenge of this transition will have to incorporate sustainability and inclusivity into their corporate processes, doing so in world that is increasingly fragmented and in rapid transformation.

The Enel CEO also emphasised the important contribution made by IRENA during its eight years of activity. The results of this were evident in the Innovation Landscape Report, the conclusions of which were the subject of discussions between Starace and the other members during the round table. A range of topics were examined during the debate, such as how emerging innovations have shaped the outlook of a number of players in the sector, how to adapt effectively to the changes resulting from these advances and the growing role of stakeholders in the energy transition.

Enel editorial staff