The Green Deal for Italy: Starace’s speech

Published on Tuesday, 30 June 2020

“2019 was the first year in which renewables overtook fossil energy sources at Enel, in terms of both capacity and generation. We believe we need to take a step forward to accelerate this trend”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Today “Italy has one of the most efficient economies in terms of quantity of energy per unit of GDP”, added the CEO. “We have excellent performances in the circularity of secondary raw materials, a good percentage of renewables in the energy mix, and an industrial sector that, despite its difficulties, has great capacity for innovation. So, we are off to a good start”. In this scenario, Europe as well “has shown both political and economic leadership”.

In such a context, according to Francesco Starace, the pandemic may turn out to be “a tragic but timely accelerator” towards the energy transition: the Coronavirus has brought out “the critical issues deriving from old production choices”. Therefore, in addition to restarting an industrial sector for renewables, according to Enel’s CEO the country needs more digital and resilient electricity grids: for Italy, choosing sustainability means springing towards “a future of innovation and competitiveness”.

Enel editorial staff