Enel launches Supplier Development Program

Published on Thursday, 23 July 2020

“SMEs are the beating heart of the Italian economy. The Supplier Development Program will give companies that work with Enel the opportunity to develop their skills and cover more ground”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The program was presented during a webinar in which Stefano Buffagni, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Maurizio Marchesini, Vice President of Confindustria for the Supply Chain and Medium-sized Firms, and Salvatore Bernabei, Head of Global Procurement, all took part. Through the Supplier Development Program, the Group intends to make its supply chain more solid, better performing, and more innovative, and to promote the sustainable development of the companies it works with. Underlining the value of the Supplier Development Program, CEO Starace noted that “Enel’s suppliers” play “a crucial role in achieving the targets linked to the energy transition”.


The program has been launched in Italy and will include the other countries where the Group currently operates, involving approximately 400 suppliers working in strategic sectors for Enel X and for the Infrastructures, Networks, and Generation divisions. The program aims to promote the financial and managerial growth of the participating companies, and to contribute to greater cost-efficiency, innovation and sustainability, as well as to their internationalisation and the expansion of their activities to other product areas. “We are proud to have launched an innovative program aimed at the SMEs that operate in key sectors for Enel, offering specific services from our selected partners, accompanying them towards sustainable, technological and skills-based development, and making Italian industry highly qualified, competitive and innovative once again,” Starace said during the webinar.


Enel editorial staff