Francesco Starace: the “Circular Europe” study

Published on Friday, 11 September 2020

“Aiming at the development of the circular economy is an extraordinary opportunity to make Europe more competitive, to modernise its economy and revitalise its industry, while at the same time creating employment through sustainable and lasting growth”

– Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Some interesting figures: in the European Union, in 2018 the circular economy was connected to 300-380 billion euros of GDP, 90-110 billion euros of investments and up to 2.5 million jobs. The study reveals that, today, Europe shows mixed results in terms of transition to the circular economy: Italy and Spain have a medium-high level of development, while Romania is at the bottom of the ranking. But Romania itself is the country that improved the most over the last five years, which is the period analysed by the study. Spain made intermediate progress, while Italy moved more slowly along the transition to a circular model.


In his speech, the CEO therefore called for greater attention to be paid to the issue of circularity, also from the world of politics: “In this context, the growing penetration of renewable sources, together with the increased use of electricity as a carrier for end-user consumption, can boost the opportunities arising from the circular economy and is the most efficient way to decarbonise the economy and the society we live in”, Francesco Starace finally said, pointing out the value of the circular economy.



Enel editorial staff