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Starace: Enel's Investments in Sicily

100 million euro will be allocated for the strengthening of the photovoltaic panel and the creation of an Innovation Lab.

Enel invests in Sicily: in the next two years, more than 100 million euro will be allocated for the strengthening of the photovoltaic panel factory 3Sun in Catania and the creation of an Innovation Lab in Passo Martino. An initiative that confirms the Group’s interest to invest in Italy, submitted to Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni during his visit to the research facility of Passa Martino. The Prime Minister stressed that Green Economy is a strategic frontier for the country's growth, especially in the South of Italy. Also important are the investment implications in terms of employment and added value for the area, with the maintenance of the production line within the factory.
A significant part of the investment, amounting to 20 million euros, will be used for the development of Enel Innovation Lab at Passo Martino, a strategic facility for the testing of innovative technologies related to thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, wind energy, microgrid and storage. The goal is the transformation of the laboratory in a technological campus serving as a reference point for national and international research and innovation.

Enel CEO Francesco Starace expressed his satisfaction, and also stressed the importance for the Group to make investments in technology, in order to bring more reliable and sustainable energy solutions to market. The Innovation Lab development will be part of the collaboration with the most important national and international startups, a hub of technological excellence to be proud of and that represents a big step forward for the creation of a business network targeted to Southern Italy youth. Francesco Venturini, Head of Global Renewable Energies, Enel Green Power, echoed Francesco Starace’s words and also stressed the importance of the one-of-a-kind project in Italy, as an element able to create a stable connection between young entrepreneurs and research.


Enel editorial staff