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The biggest photovoltaic project in Australia

Francesco Starace described this operation as “important step forward for Enel Group”

The biggest solar-energy plant in Australia will be Italian, and Enel and its subsidiary Enel Green Power will be in charge of its construction. Led by Francesco Starace, the Group reached the closing in joint-venture  with Dutch infrastructural fund DIF for the creation of the first part of the project: about 137,5 megawatts out of a total of 275 that the Bungala Solar can collect. Located in southern Australia near Port Augusta, this plant is scheduled to be powered up in the third trimester of 2018 and is expected to annually provide about 570 gigawatts of electric energy that in turn will satisfy the demand of 82 thousand Australian families.

CEO Francesco Starace described this operation as “an important step forward for Enel Group” and focused on the potential of the Australian market, which is full of renewable sources (sun and wind in particular) and a growing demand for green energies, network infrastructures and a stable regulatory plan. Eventually, Starace highlighted Enel’s intention to “contribute to the Australian economy, creating shared value for all stakeholders thanks to a strategy of industrial growth based on sustainable development.

Enel editorial staff