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Enel reinforces its partnerships with Nissan

Starace: "Electric cars are taking on a fundamental role within the system"

The meeting that took place on 5th June between Enel CEO Francesco Starace and Nissan Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Daniele Schillaci is yet another important part of reinforcing the partnership between the two groups. Collaboration between the two companies, which was established in 2015, has focused on developing technological solutions for e-mobility and energy efficiency like V2G (Vehicle to Grid), the technology which allows electric vehicles to release unused energy from electric car batteries back into the grid. "The electric system, the environment, and car owners putting their own vehicles on the grid to the benefit of all,” CEO Francesco Starace explained. "They do not just take the energy required for moving. They also become storage systems connected to the grid." Charging stations with this kind of technology have already been installed in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and even in Genoa at the Italian Technology Institute.

Again with a view to incentivising e-mobility, the partnership between the two groups has brought about the launch of "e-go All Inclusive", the first integrated e-mobility solution. But that’s not all.  Enel is heading the EVA+ (Electric Vehicles Arteries) project co-funded by the European Commission, which, in addition to Nissan, also involves other automobile brands in the construction of fast chargers on key Italian and Austrian motorways. As Starace stated on 30th May in Brussels during the "Unleash E-mobility" event: "We have the right energy and talent to be one of the main players in this huge transformation of conceiving mobility.


Enel editorial staff