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Starace at Unleash E-Mobility

Starace: “We have the talent to be among players in this change in conceiving mobility”

“E-mobility means the rebirth of the automobile”: Francesco Starace is sure of that. Today he took part in the “Unleash E-Mobility” event at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels where he presented ‘100 Italian e-mobility stories’. Promoted by Enel together with the Symbola Foundation, the study gathers projects and experiences on electric mobility developed in Italy.

We have the right energy and talent to be one of the main players in this huge transformation in conceiving mobility

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

“We have the right energy and talent to be one of the main players in this huge transformation in conceiving mobility,” Starace stated. According to the data collected in the study, he reported, Italy already has the technology and know-how to win the e-mobility challenge. This comes as the result of large and small companies working together and joining forces to considerably improve the development of this sector at a national level, including design, components, engine efficiency, battery duration, recharging devices, and apps dedicated to traditional services.

In order to support e-mobility it is also necessary to join the fight against pollution and climate change and Enel has long been working on both, promoting initiatives as well as achieving strategies for environmental sustainability. “This is a path already paved for Enel, starting from our technological leadership and our standard V2G definition, which marks our prominent international role,” Starace remarked, referring to the solution that allows the unused energy of electric batteries from plug-in electric vehicles to be released back into the power grid.

However, the group’s commitment goes even further, as Francesco Starace made clear when he stated: “In cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Milan, Enel has developed a project meant to bring about a widespread infrastructure of recharging stations for electric vehicles at a national level. We decided to start immediately”.

The European Parliament will debate electric mobility at its May 31 meeting, which makes the presentation of ‘100 Italian e-mobility stories’ in Brussels today even more important.


Enel editorial staff