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“A night in Pompei” with Enel

Technical progress and sustainability are indispensable for Italian excellence

Thanks to Enel, beginning 8 July visitors may enjoy a delightful evening walk through time in Pompei, one of the most enchanting archaeological sites on Earth. Led by Francesco Starace, the Group has created a nocturnal route that incorporates light and sound, allowing tourists to immerse themselves in the Roman-era archaeological park’s unique atmosphere. The route was inaugurated on 3 July during an event attended by the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, the Minister for Territorial Cohesion and the South, Claudio De Vincenti, the Director General of the Pompei archaeological site, Massimo Osanna, and Carlo Tamburi, Head of Country Italy, who represented Enel.

Work was carried out by Enel with sustainability in mind: re-lamping the lighting systems in the area between Porta Marina and the Basilica led to 432 older-generation lamps being replaced with new LED ones. Electrical savings of around 60% (from 55 kW to 11), an improved quality of lighting, and longer lifespans when compared to previous incandescent lamps are just a few of the advantages this provides.

The audio system was also modernised. It was strengthened and integrated with the lighting system in order to provide a multi-sensory experience for visitors: the reproduced sounds hark back to daily Roman life with voices in public places, such as the market, or sacred areas like the Temple of Apollo. The experience is also enriched by projected images that transport visitors back in time.

The project was carried out by Enel Sole, the division of the Group that specialises in smart solutions for public and artistic lighting and is at the forefront of the pathway outlined by CEO Francesco Starace: The company’s commitment to promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of Italy further demonstrates the close attention paid to the area and the people that live there, with the added bonus of stimulating the country’s sustainable development and its outstanding features in a more and more effective way.


Enel editorial staff