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Francesco Starace: Enel case study for Harvard

“Enel: The Future of Energy”, the Case Study presented at the Harvard Business School

Utility providers should not resist change, but rather be flexible enough to keep up with it and anticipate trends to achieve a competitive edge” is the core philosophy of Enel’s development. The Italian group, led by Francesco Starace, is at the forefront of a transformation involving structures and approaches, and is the result of a long-term vision whose guiding principles are innovation and sustainability. It is no coincidence that the approach taken by the company has been analyzed by Professors Mark Kramer and Bhanuteja Nadella in the case study “Enel: The Future of Energy,” presented at the Harvard Business School at an event attended by Group CEO Francesco Starace.

Throughout the lecture, it was stressed that the need to react to market changes drove the company to reassess its strategy in terms of internal reorganization, brand identity, relations with other operators in the energy sector, and an approach based on sustainability and technological innovation. It is a vision which CEO Francesco Starace introduced at every level of the business strategies of this electricity utility, as was also highlighted in the study. All this bears witness to the progress made by Enel in the field of e-mobility; for example, one such aspect of progress lies in the development of a new technology for the Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) system, which allows electric cars to return unused energy to the grid.

Indeed, the report states, “in the past, the research and development department and divisions operating around the world were not well connected. Combining sustainability with innovation has completely changed Enel’s mission and organisation.” There are challenges in the future, particularly in grid digitalisation, due to the programme for the installation of next-gen digital meters. Another challenge also lies in developing renewable energies in countries where Enel is the leading company and in emerging markets, such as in Africa. Francesco Starace and Enel are already on the right track to tackling these challenges successfully.


Enel editorial staff