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Starace presents charging network plan

The project envisages the installation of 7000 charging stations by 2020

The presentation of the national plan for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure was held on Thursday 9 November at the Vallelunga Racing Circuit.
The project aims to install 7000 charging stations by 2020 and a total of 14,000 by 2022. Enel is committed to making a crucial contribution to the country’s sustainable mobility by establishing an advanced infrastructure: a significant step forward also from a technological point of view. As CEO Francesco Starace explained, Enel’s duty is to “enable those who own an electric car to live a normal life, since the decarbonisation of transport is essential in order to meet the Paris COP21 objectives”. To achieve this, an investment of between 100 and 300 million euro is required in order to develop an extensive charging network.

The development of electric cars, stressed Starace, offers huge opportunities for Italian industry. However, it is imperative that there is an incentive of a non-monetary nature related to using this mode of transport: those who drive electric cars must benefit from an improvement in their quality of life. “Enel has embraced this challenge because,” continued Francesco Starace,  “we do not believe in rejecting innovation. As far as electric mobility is concerned, I’ve noticed that there is a similar attitude towards it as there was for renewable sources ten years ago. We aspire to be a leader in technology as well as in the market”.


Enel editorial staff