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Energy and e-mobility: an interview with Starace

Enel cannot risk being unprepared for the challenges of the modern world.

A group that is strong from an industrial point of view, well-balanced financially and capable of anticipating and seizing the opportunities that arise from the development of new technology.” In a continually evolving industry like the energy sector, Enel cannot risk being unprepared for the challenges of the modern world. Working “ahead of the game and with resourcefulness and initiative” by identifying the direction the energy industry is headed is the way towards further growth and also helps to create value, Enel CEO Francesco Starace explains in an interview with L’Economia, the business and finance supplement of the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

Along with renewable energies, the Group has also decided to focus its attention on electric cars and broadband. “This is an unstoppable technological development and we want to be at the forefront of it,” said Starace referring to the investments made in sustainable mobility. “The number of electric cars in circulation will rise from 10% to 40% and then to 100%”. The goal is to install 14,000 charging columns by 2022 because, in the words of Enel’s CEO, “we believe that the infrastructure is our business”. On the subject of Open Fiber, Starace explained that purchasing the network is not part of the Group’s plans because “it doesn’t make sense from an industrial point of view”. The opinion of the CEO is that the infrastructure must be used by those who need it, namely “the most important operator”.

This optimism has been confirmed by the financial results. “Banks and investors have stopped talking about our debt because they have seen our capacity to generate cash flow”. Finally, Starace took time to analyse the move to the free market, scheduled for mid 2019: consumers have no cause to worry, because their bills will not go up given that “energy prices will remain stable over the next few years”.

Read the interview in L’Economia – Starace/Enel: «Non solo energia: all’auto elettrica pensiamo noi»


Enel editorial staff