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Francesco Starace at the 2018 WEF

Francesco Starace’s speech at the Davos World Economic Forum

 “Two major forces are at work in energy transformation: digitalisation and materials science”, said Enel’s CEO Francesco Starace on 25 January during the Davos World Economic Forum, where he spoke on an energy sustainability panel. The CEO met and discussed ideas with other big players in the sector at “The Great Energy Transformation”, from the heads of international companies to the United Arab Emirates’ Minister of Energy and Industry Suhail Mohamed Faraj Al Mazrouei. 

Renewable energy is becoming the most cost-effective and reliable energy source today

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Explaining how digitalisation and the progress made in materials science have led to technological development that opens up huge opportunities in the energy sector, Starace said that renewable energies’ main strong suits today lie in cost-effectiveness and reliability, and that these energies constitute the basis of the decarbonisation process of energy production. Enel’s CEO also stressed how important it is in this respect to “look further down the line and anticipate the future”, because energy transformation is underway and is progressing quickly.

Starace also spoke about electric mobility, claiming the need to promote its growth by establishing a suitable infrastructure for recharging electric cars. Representing the private sector, Enel has a leading role in meeting the sustainability objectives set out by the WEF. It is no coincidence that the Group announced having joined the Factor10 project at Davos, which includes the participation of 29 other businesses and aims to implement circular economy.

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