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Starace presents the Enel – Symbola report

Francesco Starace presents the Enel - Symbola report in Rome

The “100 Italian Circular Economy Stories” study depicted Italy as a high-value, innovative and sustainable country, and was presented on 14 March in Rome by Enel CEO Francesco Starace with the Symbola Foundation President Ermete Realacci. The report described a trailblazing Italy, capable of rivalling the most advanced countries in the world thanks to a commitment from businesses, research centres and non-profit bodies that were referred to as “the very best of the circular economy in Italy”. 

The circular economy enables the creation of new business models that combine innovation and sustainability as a strategic choice of competitiveness

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Starace described these entities in his speech, highlighting that among them “there are not just large businesses, but also small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, associations, and cooperatives that have been able to be forward thinkers and adopt virtuous industrial practices and processes”. Starace stressed that these organisations, as well as combating climate change, also help to promote the competitiveness of the Italian system on the international stage. It is no coincidence that Starace made reference to a recent Eurostat study that revealed Italy’s efficiency in this field: in Europe, Italy is the country with the greatest share of circular materials (secondary raw materials) used in the production system (18.5%).

Pursuing the circular economy approach, as demonstrated by the case studies included in the report from the Symbola Foundation and Enel, has enabled these organisations to cut their production costs and their reliance on foreign resources, as well as enjoy a greater development of technological innovation. “This is a wealth of knowledge, the value of which should be recognised”, added Starace, speculating on the adoption of “circularity” indicators also for foreign companies operating in Italy. The Enel CEO concluded his speech by wishing for a greater focus on these issues at a government level: “Continuity over time is fundamental: whoever will be running the government will have to understand the strengths of the circular economy”.

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