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Climate Week: Starace attends the opening

Francesco Starace speaks at Climate Week’s opening ceremony

Speaking on 24 September at the opening ceremony of “Climate Week” in New York, Enel CEO Francesco Starace urged that “we must be brave and see the digital revolution as a source of employment and new opportunities.” In its tenth edition, the event is being held at the same time as the United Nations General Assembly and is organised by the non-profit organisation The Climate Group, in collaboration with the UN and the City of New York. 

We must be brave and see the digital revolution as a source of employment and new opportunities

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Discussing the progress made by companies, institutions and international leaders in reaching the climate objectives set for 2020, the CEO showed how today, in response to the momentous challenge of climate change, the need to develop business models capable of incorporating efficiency and sustainability is becoming increasingly urgent. “Energy demand is increasing throughout the world and we cannot respond in any other way,” explained Francesco Starace, pointing out that “unprecedented opportunities” for the sector are opening up in this field.

Today, electricity may be the essential link between economy, society and the environment, a relationship that has been missing for too long: “The growth in investment in renewables ensures that new ways of producing and using electricity can be explored, including in sectors other than those which we have been accustomed to up until now.” Electrical mobility is proof of this.

Francesco Starace also pointed out that, today, renewable energy from “alternative” sources are already becoming increasingly mainstream. “Their widespread usage and increasing investment have improved the technology behind them, making them more affordable and competitive,” the electricity supplier Group’s CEO added. This is also proving to be fundamental in dealing with climate change. “We must continue to rely on science and technological innovation, working to make further progress,” concluded Starace.

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