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Col. Energy Exchange: Starace’s Interview

Enel’s CEO was interviewed on the programme Columbia Energy Exchange

Francesco Starace was invited to attend “Columbia Energy Exchange”, a programme hosted by Jason Bordoff. The interview, recorded during the ninth Annual International Renewable Energy Agency Assembly in Abu Dhabi, is available in podcast format. The discussion began with a brief presentation about Enel, a European multinational corporation serving more than 73 million end users in 35 Countries across five Continents.

Enel’s CEO and General Manager focused on the development of renewables and digitalization, two of the objectives that Enel is prioritising over the next three years. The trends indicate an increasing attention to conscious consumption and, by taking full advantage of the opportunities provided by new technologies, electric energy is now being used for new purposes. The road to decarbonisation is still long, but there are many encouraging signs, as proved by the fact that large countries such as India and China have launched policies in order to achieve this aim.

The shift to electrification and the changes in the use of resources are having an important impact: Francesco Starace stressed that in order to face these new challenges, it is fundamental to share this vision, and the opportunities provided by it, with the Group’s employees.

During the interview, Mr Starace also pointed out that Chile and Brazil are of particular interest to the renewables market due to the significant potential of those countries to harness their solar and wind resources. The US market, on the other hand, is equipped with an efficient system in which it is worth investing, but it is necessary to focus on the digitalization of the networks. The interview concluded with a reflection on nuclear power. According to the CEO, the current technology has had its day; in the long term we will need to take advantage of innovation in order to find an alternative. It is important to bear in mind how the trends linked to the development of the energy sector are gathering momentum: the market is demanding rapid change, capable of keeping step with the technological advances being made.

View the full interview at: https://columbiaenergyexchange.libsyn.com/francesco-starace-a-transition-in-global-energy

Enel editorial staff