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Starace: “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2019”

Enel CEO Francesco Starace presents the report on “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories”

E-mobility is a growth opportunity for the entire country. This is the picture which emerges from the “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2019” report, which was presented on 8 April by Enel’s CEO and Managing Director Francesco Starace, together with the President of the Symbola Foundation Ermete Realacci and the head of Enel X Francesco Venturini. 

E-mobility will play an important role in the gradual decarbonisation of our economy. The benefits are not just environmental

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

It forms part of a journey undertaken by Enel and the Symbola Foundation in 2017. That was the year when the first report on “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories” was presented: it was created jointly by the two organisations with the aim of analyzing the dynamics and prospects for the evolution of electric mobility in Italy. This was also in light of the technological progress that had been made and the need to encourage more sustainable and efficient growth.

Two years on and the study has been updated with 100 new experiences recorded by companies, universities, research institutions and third sector organisations. These all confirm how the e-mobility chain has been enriched with other important public and private initiatives. The stories cover everything from the creation and construction of vehicles to the batteries, from the components to the design. These studies are aimed at reshaping the style of the car of the future and describe such things as how the producers of spare parts are committed to lightening the weight of the vehicles using new materials (such as light alloys, aluminum and titanium, instead of steel). The report also analyses the different forms of electric mobility, starting from car sharing.

In discussing the conclusions, Francesco Starace pointed out that the "100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2019” report helps us understand how electric mobility represents "a development opportunity for the whole country" by focusing attention on examples of national excellence. The e-mobility story "still holds a nice surprise: Italy can do it.” Nor is it a coincidence that in the last year the spread of electric cars in Italy has doubled: sales have gone from about 5 thousand units in 2017 to about 10 thousand in 2018. "We are noticing that many entrepreneurs are embracing this new technology. We started slightly late, but it’s a very long road and we can still catch up,” Starace explained. “Electric mobility will play a fundamental role in the gradual decarbonisation of our economy," the CEO said, specifying that there are not only environmental benefits. Still on the subject of e-mobility promotion activities, Enel X and the Symbola Foundation organised the first electric mobility fair at Florence ExpoMove, which ran from 9 to 12 April.

Enel editorial staff