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Starace: 2019 Eurelectric Power Summit

Starace offers a preview of the main themes of the 2019 Euroelectric Power Summit

Leaders who are capable of guiding the energy transition and seizing the opportunities it offers: innovative ideas, effective business models, new growth perspectives for a world that is increasingly dedicated to sustainability. On the occasion of the 2019 Eurelectric Power Summit, these leaders will go to Florence on 20 and 21 May to discuss such issues, as Enel's CEO Francesco Starace, President of the European association that brings together the energy industries, says in a video preview.

The profound transformation that the sector is undergoing, as the CEO points out, is revolutionising the way we produce, distribute and consume energy, and opens the door to innovative business models. Thanks to digitalisation, as Starace explains, it’s now possible to create synergies between sectors (such as the chemical and the automotive industries) that aren’t so far apart as one might have thought only a few years ago: these interactions can generate previously unknown combinations when it comes to value creation.

The Enel CEO points out that “In accompanying the energy transition, the companies working in this sector are showing a great capacity for adaptation that we need to keep up,” adding that “We must be ready to use electricity in ways that couldn’t have been imagined not that long ago.” Here the President of Eurelectric is referring to how electricity can be used in the future: “We aim to satisfy different types of consumption which had never previously been considered.” This will be in the not too distant future, as the growth in electric mobility shows.

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