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Francesco Starace supports the UN

Enel’s commitment in eliminating climate-changing emissions

Working together to eliminate climate-changing emissions. 28 companies have answered the call launched by the United Nations ahead of the climate summit scheduled for September 23rd in New York: only one of them, Enel, is Italian. The Group, which is led by Francesco Starace, has come on board with other large multinationals whose combined market capitalization is 1.3 trillion dollars. The initiative, which is promoted by the United Nations Global Compact, the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) and the We Mean Business Coalition, is committed to keeping the rise in global temperature to within 1.5 degrees of pre-industrial levels, and to reaching the target of zero emissions, by 2050.

The commitment represents the key role played by Enel in facing challenges strictly connected to the energy transition for the sustainable development of the planet

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The Enel Group has, as its CEO Francesco Starace pointed out, shown itself to be "a key player in facing challenges linked to the energy transition, for the sustainable development of the planet.” Nor is it a coincidence that Enel has, as part of the UN Climate Action Summit, signed a letter of commitment to support a “just” transition and the creation of "green" and dignified jobs. In order to reach a zero-emission economic system, the conditions set out in the Paris Agreements must be met. The key points are: the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the eradication of poverty and the fact that the transition should lead to sustainable and dignified working conditions, so that communities can thrive and be resilient. The letter also expresses the hope that the companies involved in the decarbonisation process will, through the creation of new jobs and the training of employees, be able to combine effectively the growth of economic results with greater social inclusion. At the same it is hoped that they will take advantage of the opportunities offered by a new economic model that will lead towards to a zero-emission world.

“As a global community, we have the resources and know-how to reach the zero-emission target by 2050," said Francesco Starace, specifying that "we need to work together and quickly in order to create a road map. Indeed the Enel CEO believes that companies will play a key role and "must contribute to achieving tangible results through investments and strategic choices that put sustainability at the centre of the business.”

Enel editorial staff