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Starace at the Symbola Summer Seminar 2019

The Enel CEO’s speech at the Symbola Summer Seminar 2019

We can’t do it on our own. Building the future with empathy and technology.” This was the theme of the discussion at the Symbola Foundation's 2019 Summer Seminar which, as Enel CEO Francesco Starace explained, is also reflected in the path undertaken by the Group in recent years. It is redesigning the future, thanks to the available technology, in order to achieve full decarbonisation by 2025. 

When we decided to redevelop 23 power plants, we entered into dialogue with everyone

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Moving the energy transition forward is essential: "We are shifting from a fossil-based thermal generation system to renewables, and this transformation will be complete before 2050 by digitalising electricity and fibre networks.” This insight came about after carefully observing and analyzing the evolutionary dynamics that affect the planet. "The Guardian,” Starace says, “talks about climate emergency and not about climate change, because the theme has a different urgency. We must face reality for what it is. Together, not alone.” The changes, particularly those that are necessary, can seem frightening. For this reason they must be explained clearly because, in the words of the CEO; “Nobody can do this on their own.”

Enel has applied this awarenesses to projects like Futur-e. This took a circular economy approach and gave new life to 23 disused thermoelectric power plants and a former mining area. These sites, which played an important role in the industrial growth of our country, have become a model of rebirth and sustainability. And, as Starace reminds us, cooperation with local communities is essential, as is the creation of value. The CEO also mentioned the Porto Tolle project, which was unveiled on June 28th. This is transforming the former power station into an eco-friendly tourist village. The original plant closed in 2015. And, after constructive discussions with various organisations and the analysis of projects for the redevelopment based on social, environmental and economic sustainability, a shared solution was reached. This model shows that it’s possible to build an increasingly competitive and attractive Italy, combining empathy and technology, as expressed during the Symbola Summer Seminar.

Enel editorial staff