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Davos: Class CNBN interviews Starace

Decarbonisation and digitisation, an interview with Enel CEO Francesco Starace

During the World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos, Francesco Starace was interviewed by Class CNBC about some of the main themes of the meetings held during the international summit: namely, the energy transformation, decarbonisation and the move towards renewable sources. According to the Enel CEO, in order to overcome the greatest challenge of this decade – climate change –  greater commitment is also needed towards the digitisation of metropolises. Indeed, it is precisely in areas with a high population density that the use of data and Artificial Intelligence can find the best application.

We are ready to face the green revolution and to overcome the biggest challenge of this decade

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

In the future, as Francesco Starace pointed out, institutions, companies and families will increasingly have to recycle and save resources, in order to reduce wastefulness. We can’t afford to wait any longer, and it is necessary to abandon the old “take-make-dispose” model. “Advances in materials science are bringing about a revolution in the energy industry, making renewables an increasingly available and affordable source. And in addition to making prices more competitive and stable, they also progressively facilitate decarbonisation”: Enel has understood this and will continue to commit to the installation of renewable energy, a “sector in which we are experiencing strong customer demand.”


Furthermore, Francesco Starace emphasised that decarbonisation will also contribute to the growth of the economy. This is a thesis that is supported by the EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni: “The European Commission has itself pointed out that it is a priority to increase renewable sources, protect those who are left behind in this process and continue with digitisation.” Never before has consensus seemed so strong: public opinion, the political world and even the financial community, in actual fact, share businesses’ common goal of overcoming this challenge. “We had proof of this when Enel launched the first SDG-linked bond issue programme in history,” explained Starace, adding that, although there is no shortage of economic resources, it is more necessary than ever “to know how to build the right proposals.”



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