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Starace’s speech at the ASviS debate

Starace: recovery cannot be possible without sustainability

Sustainability is fundamental to overcoming the current crisis: this is what Enel CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace pointed out during his speech at the “Towards a transformative recovery based on resilience and sustainability” online debate, which was organised by ASviS and was held on 29 May. “Enel’s plans were already geared towards creating a more resilient, green, competitive and safe energy system, and must be further reinforced”, explained Enel CEO, who, in this perspective, also believes that the Recovery Fund launched by the European Commission is a step in the right direction, as “it represents a larger version, and with a greater impact, than the previous Just Transition Fund”.

Sustainability is fundamental if we want to overcome the current crisis

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Francesco Starace therefore stressed that sustainability is intrinsically “resilience, competitiveness and risk reduction”, adding that “in a crisis situation like the one now underway, if there is any possibility to take a further step in this direction it must surely be exploited”. In his speech, the CEO also spoke about the experience undertaken by Enel in the months of emergency, specifying that the Group has proved to be working very well despite the fact that more than 37,000 employees – more than half of the total – are currently working remotely. “Although the global lockdown has incredibly changed the way electric energy is consumed, Enel is working properly and this is confirmed by the real-time performance monitoring system we have created”, explained Francesco Starace, who also added that the Group did not find any connectivity problems in the countries where it operates.

In this perspective, “having moved all of our data to the cloud”, even before the emergency, proved to be a particularly effective choice. The future is all to be built, due to the uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic and the unavailability of a vaccine, but the fact remains that the priority is to protect people from the risk of infection. As the CEO pointed out during the online debate, a “medium-term solution” was therefore identified: “We told our employees in Italy and Spain, the countries that exited first from lockdowns, that they can continue to work remotely until Christmas”.


Enel editorial staff