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Enel is a case study for London Business School

Starace: Enel has become a case study for digital development

Enel has been chosen by the London Business School as a case study for digital transformation. This is on account of the results achieved in recent years, which have led Enel to being recognised today as one of the best performing utility companies in Europe. As the renowned business school explains, this is not the result of improvised decisions, but rather because of a “coordinated” and long-term path, which began in 2001 with the installation of the first smart meters.


The setting up of Enel Green Power in 2008 was also an important step. The new company was led by Francesco Starace, and its purpose was to manage hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal plants, and these are currently installed in 23 countries. After three years, it piloted the first smart grid to regulate the flow of energy from renewable resources. In 2014, Enel appointed Francesco Starace to the position of CEO and General Manager, and this, as the London Business notes, proved to be instrumental in the implementation of a “bold digital transformation programme” for the entire group.


And it is no coincidence that a survey of employees was launched the following year under the title “How digital are you?” As Francesco Starace says, the survey was “an eye-opener for us” and revealed an inverse correlation between an employee’s position in the organisation chart and his or her digital skills. It was therefore necessary to impose a sweeping change in culture, instead of simply upgrading the company’s technology. In this way, it has been possible over time to break down silos between departments, promoting transversal skills and responsibilities, even in the most strategic sectors. In addition to Enel, the London Business School has also chosen Zensar Technologies, an Indian software company, as a case study to illustrate what it means for an established business to undertake an effective digital transformation process.

Enel editorial staff