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The world after Covid-19: Starace’s comment

Starace at ELIS Consortium: sustainability is essential to look to the future

The only path we can take to appropriately guide the choices we make regarding the present and the future is sustainability, according to Francesco Starace. “This is where we have to restart in order to give concrete answers to the new generations.” Enel’s CEO and General Manager was among the more than 100 CEOs who met in Rome on October 13th for the event entitled “A Compass to Orientate Ourselves, a Rudder to Navigate to a New World,” an initiative promoted by ELIS Consortium.


Sustainability is the only path we can take to properly guide the choices regarding our present and our future. This is where we must start again in order to give concrete answers to the new generations

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The event was an important opportunity for discussion and was designed to actively contribute to Italy’s rebirth, starting with schools, businesses and the world of work. From this perspective, the initiative promoted by ELIS Consortium set out a tangible action plan developed though three guidelines in support of education and youth employment. First, transforming schools to make them more suitable in preparing young people for the challenges they have to face in this new era. Second, making businesses more “inclusive” by enhancing their role in communities. Finally, improving productivity and innovation in the workplace and in new ways of working, with the aim of promoting social value and the health and well-being of people and families, as well as fostering the development of skills.


The Covid-19 emergency has highlighted the limits and risks of those development models which are outdated,Starace pointed out. He added that “it is necessary to adopt a different vision, one which puts sustainability at the centre of human activities,” so that the recovery can be transformed into an opportunity, thus generating long-term value. Enel has understood this for some time, as was made clear by the CEO: “Enel’s experience shows that this model can be good for the environment, companies, people and communities at the same time”.

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