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“Le Piazze di Francesco”: Starace’s speech

CEO Francesco Starace at the event on building a sustainable future, held on March 4


Today, more than ever, there can be no growth without sustainability. This was the key message from Francesco Starace at “Le piazze di Francesco”, an event held on March 4, 2021 for the 100th anniversary of the San Francesco magazine. Taking part in the panel discussion titled “Parole povere, sostenibilità” (literally, “Plain words, sustainability”), Enel’s CEO invited the audience to look to the future with greater confidence and optimism. Thanks to advances in science and technology, the energy transition is now a reality and what seemed impossible ten years ago is being done day after day. “It is possible to meet the energy needs of the whole world, including the countries which are now entering the energy market and do not yet have access to abundant and reliable energy sources”: the road ahead is still long but, as Francesco Starace emphasized, there is greater awareness also in the world of industry about the real opportunities that arise when we combine economic growth, energy equity and environmental sustainability.

“Sustainability is important because it is the foundation of success”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

In his speech, Enel’s CEO spoke about a new development model, which is less risky and more convenient from an economic point of view. This model is gaining momentum but its full realization requires “overturning some paradigms that have lasted for fifty years”. In this perspective, Francesco Starace said he believes that the birth of the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition, which merges responsibilities on energy and the environment, is a step in the right direction: it is “proof” that ideas like these have been finally understood.

Italy is therefore equipped to seize such opportunities: according to Enel’s CEO, our country has always made a virtue of necessity by honing its ability to innovate and to create shared value, tying in with this development model. It is crucial to work together, not one against the other, and always with the utmost transparency, because “it is truth that drives success, and not vice versa”. And success can be shared by everyone – from the environment to local communities – as we shape an increasingly green and inclusive future. Because sustainability “is the foundation of success”, as Francesco Starace said in his conclusion.


Enel editorial staff