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Francesco Starace at the “Festival Rai per il Sociale”

Starace: the world of finance is looking at sustainability as a new way of thinking


It benefits society as a whole, the environment and “is good for companies”: according to Enel’s CEO and General Manager Francesco Starace, sustainability results in “a new way of thinking, a different way of thinking.” He talked about this on July 3 during his speech at the “Festival Rai per il Sociale” (the Rai Festival for Social Issues): today, even the world of finance, “which is seen as a ‘bad world’ – I say that in inverted commas – and is often depicted as the absolute evil,” recognizes that it is necessary “to turn the page.”

“Sustainability is good for companies. It’s a new way of thinking, a different way of thinking. It benefits society in general, the environment, and companies”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Two years ago, Enel was one of the first companies to place a bond linked to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable objectives on the capital market. Today, more and more companies are moving in the same direction and this shows that there is an “incredible hunger for sustainable investments.” As Francesco Starace pointed out, the financial world has understood “that it’s better to invest money in this type of logic, because it is less risky and ultimately more profitable, rather than continuing to do what it was doing previously, which was clearly a mistake.”

Furthermore, speaking about the energy transition, Enel’s CEO and General Manager stressed the need for a “marathon approach”: it is an “incredible” process in terms of economic effort and investments required. There are many opportunities but “many mistakes can also be made.” The transition is “inevitable”: it remains to be seen whether it will take place in an orderly or turbulent way. As Francesco Starace explained, in the second case, “those who moved first will be protected from risk.”


Enel editorial staff