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Francesco Starace’s speech at the B20 Final Summit

Francesco Starace focused on energy efficiency and the use of resources


“Inevitable and beneficial”: according to Francesco Starace, the green transition no longer concerns only the energy sector, but every industry, and drives the electrification of areas that had not been taken into consideration so far. Last 7 October, in his speech at the B20 Final Summit, Enel’s CEO emphasized the depth of the transition, pointing out that it impacts “people’s lives in a significant way.” Transformations of this scale require “incredible skills” when dealing with them, but “also entail inequalities”: the G20 countries have “a great opportunity” at hand, if they look at the transition also as a way “to tackle inequalities in the world.”

“The G20 countries have a great opportunity at hand, if they look at this transformation as a way to tackle inequalities in the world”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Francesco Starace then recalled two of the themes on which the working group had focused: energy efficiency and the use of resources. In the midst of the energy transition, “we have reached a situation where there is no longer a trade-off between what is right for the economy or for the environment”: today the environment and the economy are two realities “moving forward together and both with positive results,” also thanks to technological and scientific progress, which is the basis of many industrial transitions. In order to ensure that we can continue along this path in an orderly way – that is “respecting people and reducing persistent inequalities” – G20 countries must prepare “according to the recommendations at the center of today’s debate.” In particular, according to the CEO, “developing CO2 pricing mechanisms” would already be “a big step forward”: in this perspective, it is essential to “promote strategic dialogue,” which can lead to “a robust situation as regards prices.”

Finally, speaking about Enel’s commitment, Francesco Starace recalled that the Group is “ahead of many others” in this green transition: “We are rapidly moving towards the complete decarbonization of our production base and, above all, we are preparing our networks and all customer management platforms for a digital world, in terms of both assets and interface systems with people.”

Enel editorial staff