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Francesco Starace: Enel’s support for Grande MAXXI

Enel’s CEO Starace at the opening of the museum in Rome: a new hub for research, development, art and sustainability


Inclusion, innovation, sustainability: Enel’s vision is reflected in the one pursued by MAXXI, the museum inaugurated on 30 May 2010 in Rome that includes among its founding members the Group led by Francesco Starace. It is no coincidence that on 10 February, Enel’s CEO and General Manager took part in the launch event of Grande MAXXI, a project that will bring the institution “further and natural evolution leveraging urban regeneration, sustainability and the most advanced technologies,” as the President of the MAXXI Foundation Giovanna Melandri explained.

Enel is “truly honored to be a founding partner and to support MAXXI in this project,” said CEO Francesco Starace during an event attended also by the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, the Minister of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility Enrico Giovannini, the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri, and the President of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti. Within the initiative, a new sustainable and multi-purpose two-story building will be built overlooking Via Masaccio, featuring a useable green roof that will be accessed from the museum’s square.

“We are truly honored to be a founding partner and to support MAXXI in this project, which provides a new perspective on art, culture and technology in Rome”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

This MAXXI Hub will be an innovative research and development hub to further encourage an ever-deeper relationship among architecture, art, science and artificial intelligence: the promoters’ vision is for it to include a center of excellence dedicated to the restoration of contemporary artworks, spaces for training activities and storage facilities made accessible to the public. In addition, the creation of a long green corridor along the axis of Via Masaccio is also planned, as a kind of open-air gallery with site-specific activities by artists and landscape architects, landscape design workshops, and fruitful and sustainable urban gardens. Activities are also planned to make MAXXI increasingly accessible, welcoming and inclusive.

The project falls within the framework of Italy’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan. Its numerous actions in the area of sustainability confirm the project is particularly well aligned with Enel’s vision: indeed, the museum aims to take up the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing a multi-year plan aimed at achieving the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality. Different types of cutting-edge solar panels will be installed on the roof of MAXXI without interfering with the profile and the architectural features of the building. Commenting on the value of the project, Enel’s CEO Francesco Starace stressed that Grande MAXXI provides “a new perspective on art, culture and technology in Rome.


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