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Francesco Starace: Enel’s “Net Zero Grid Day”

Reducing CO2 emissions, limiting grid losses, and contributing to the circular economy: this is what Enel is aiming for


The Net Zero goal is now at the heart of Enel’s strategy”: this is also confirmed by “the latest developments regarding our industrial roadmap to get to the grid of the future,” which CEO Francesco Starace presented on May 16 on the occasion of Net Zero Grid Day. Reducing CO2 emissions from Enel’s activities, limiting grid losses, and adopting circular and low-emission materials and components: these are the key points. “We have brought forward, from 2050 to 2040, the date when we would like to reach our goal of zero carbon emissions, considering both direct and indirect emissions,” Starace reiterated in a video speech at the event in Rome, which brought together the stakeholders in the electricity distribution ecosystem.

Grids are the main drivers of the energy transition,” but the risk is that this will not happen if the grids themselves do not change in “a profound way.” As Starace went on to explain, “they must ensure electricity supplies with services of the highest quality, adequately manage the increasing production from renewable sources, and also play an active role in decarbonization.” It is up to companies “to be ready to lead the energy transition” and, in this perspective, the challenge today is “to eliminate direct and indirect emissions from electricity distribution networks.

“We are ready to share our experiences with all stakeholders because sharing will be key to identifying the best solution together”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

The decision to bring forward the Group’s decarbonization goal by ten years, and the commitment to “reach zero without emission compensation measures” are steps in this direction. “We are willing to share our experiences with all stakeholders because we believe that sharing will be key to finding the best solution together,” added Starace, who emphasized the importance of “an alliance involving everyone in order to move more quickly along this path.” It is no coincidence that, during Net Zero Grid Day, the birth of “Open Power Grids” was announced. This is an association whose aim is to share with stakeholders, within an open-source environment, Enel’s standards for the grid components of the future, thus accelerating the adoption of new technical solutions that are safe, sustainable and efficient.

We are pursuing an open innovation approach, we want to share our experience and our solutions and, in turn, perhaps find answers elsewhere to problems for which we do not yet have a complete solution,Starace explained. This approach is “open and collaborative with all networks in the world, so that we can all work together on the same area and reach Net Zero.” That’s because it’s the only way to effectively respond to the challenge of “Working together.


Enel editorial staff