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Francesco Starace: Enel’s Integrated Reporting 2021

Francesco Starace presents the new dedicated website and its concept


Demonstrating not only with words but also with numbers that sustainability is “the main driver enabling us to obtain good financial results for shareholders.” As CEO Francesco Starace explained, Enel’s new digital concept was born starting from these premises. The new digital concept is used by the Group to illustrate in an innovative and integrated way its vision, its 2021 performance, its medium- and long-term prospects, its strategy, and its sustainable business model. The new website dedicated to Integrated Reporting 2021 “Towards stakeholder capitalism” was launched in recent days. It is no coincidence that the concept is inspired by the “Stakeholder Capitalism” model, which is based on the representation of the sustainable value created and distributed to all Group stakeholders in line with the “Open Power for a Brighter Future: we empower a sustainable progress” objective.

Unlike traditional financial reports, “it provides a different view of our activities according to the interests of those who analyze it,” Francesco Starace explained, stressing that it is an “interesting tool” also with a view to “further increasing transparency and addressing various issues.” Furthermore, in the CEO’s vision, the Integrated Reporting 2021 is “the reflection of a change that took place a long time ago.” This refers to the path that Enel has undertaken for years now, with the awareness that “the future holds the key to sustainability”: specifically, “a favorable future is one in which a company continues to grow, earn, and be profitable in the long-term, and this requires attention to sustainability.

“We have always believed that sustainability is essential for financial results. It is the main driver enabling us to obtain good financial results for shareholders. However, we want to demonstrate it not only with words but also with numbers”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

In the Strategic Plan presented in November 2019, Enel had already introduced the concept of “Sustainability is Value,” proving the close correlation between economic performance and sustainable performance. In addition to the Group’s objectives in terms of profitability and operational and industrial performance, the Plan presented to the markets in November 2021 also includes possible benefits for stakeholders. The methodologies used to determine the Group’s profitability and stability also reflect an integrated approach to long-term sustainability, measuring Enel’s performance not only with traditional financial metrics, but also by embracing new concepts related to the sustainable development of communities, society, the planet, colleagues, suppliers, customers, partners, lenders, and investors.

I consider motivation to be the key to the success of companies and, in this sense, I believe that presenting these reports also serves to motivate us, our colleagues around the world and, why not, also our customers around the world,” CEO Francesco Starace finally reiterated.

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