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Ambrosetti Club’s meeting with Francesco Starace

Francesco Starace: digital development and advances in materials science are the main drivers of the transition in the energy sector


The transition is inevitable, it is expanding and it is cutting across other sectors: this is what Francesco Starace highlighted on October 24 at The European House - Ambrosetti business community. Speaking at the phygital meeting entitled “The key role of the energy transition to tackle the crisis”, Enel’s CEO and General Manager stressed the uniqueness of the transition as “its paradigms have effects on other industry sectors. This is also why it imposes itself and is irreversible and inevitable”. This process began about ten years ago and is related to far-reaching dynamics: the development of digitalization and the constant advancement of materials science in the energy sector are still its main drivers today.

Realizing its significance right from the start, Enel decided to immediately leverage this “great opportunity for value creation” and begin an internal digital transformation process, thus anticipating the times and the results achieved by the digital transformation in the world economy. According to Francesco Starace, the recent challenges facing the energy sector must not be seen as something that contradicts the goals of the energy transition: on the contrary, the current emergency phase must be interpreted as a temporary situation that requires an even greater commitment. However, this must be seen in the context of the longer and unstoppable path which is the ecological transition.

“The transition is inevitable, it is expanding and it is cutting across other sectors”

Francesco Starace, Enel CEO

Furthermore, CEO Francesco Starace explained that Enel is part of this process by committing itself ever more strongly “to making electrification convenient, easy, and safe”. Electricity from renewable sources is in fact the most efficient, sustainable, and convenient energy carrier and offers solutions for decarbonizing the industrial sector, making transport efficient, reducing pollution, and fostering digitalization. Thanks to the progressive use of electricity from renewable sources in services and activities such as mobility, heating, and industrial production, the desired clean, green future without greenhouse gas emissions and other atmospheric pollutants can become a reality.


Enel editorial staff